Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This guy is all over!

Our 4-time Mr. Universe amigo Mike O'Hearn - perhaps better known as the American Gladiator TITAN - has a past chock full of exciting action roles, martial arts, magazine covers (470 covers!), even romance novel covers.

But did you know that he's Superman, too?

One last bonus fact: he was added as the gladiator Thor in season 6 of the original series, but was never televised.


  1. They didn't even need to put fake muscles on Titan. He could cause earthquakes just by jiggling his legs. He's almost a real life superman.

  2. I was really, really confused. What kind of budget you think they were running?? Maybe they saved money on titans costume and used body paint, cause there is no way I would've known the difference.