Saturday, February 16, 2008

reppin the TPND

Yo was there really a ton of anticipation for this? I feel like i should make another metaphor to explain this than the dude in the action movie who sits around durin the big fight scenes and then does somethin sweet. How about this: I'm the christo of TPND, like i wait around until stall 9, and then i make a really sweet throw. But sometimes its a turnover ok they happen

i was expectin somethin big to happen last night, but instead it was just weird shit happenin to everyone else. Especially after me and T-bone did 8-minute abs i thought somethin would be up but like that was the end. As soon as we ended up at hemingays i knew the night had set sail for weird island. Things I learned:

  • I can't be around joe while drinkin without trying to motivate him to win, or without encouraging him to start doin pushups
  • DH LOVES fallin on backpacks full of wine
  • I'm never touching a banister/ parking meter/ wall near a bar ever again
  • It's totally legit to grab a babe at hemingways and just stick your tongue down her throat
  • Bush has a sweet beard.
  • Andy Capp's Hot fries are still delicious
T was also givin me shit for thinkin i'm above cmu people, and then to support his argument started to list off like the average SAT scores and salaries of graduates. I didnt buy it. I'm still above you. I will outball, outmetaphor, outconversate, outprogram (ah wait, better take that one back), outeyebrowraise, outvomit, and just flat out murder the #1 ranked cmu contender in each of those areas. Believe that shit.

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