Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's Get Critical

Since Nas' new album dropped (The "N" Word, Untitled, Doodiebin... anything you want to call it!) and Andy is once again splooging, I decided to check up on the album details and producers. Sure enough, the sick beat on Hero was produced by Polow Da Don.

Is the Hero beat prime material for a "My Aphrodite II"?

So I've actually been keeping an eye on this dude ever since Fergie's solo album. I'm not lying, I thought "London Bridge" was a great song, and not-so-secretly danced my ass off to it in Australian bars.

It rocks, and he also produced that hit "fabulous" where Fergie took a big ol' conceited dump on that beat. The next time I saw him surface was on Rich Boy's album, and Rich Boy sucks. But Polow made him look awesome, and Pichfork went on to give Polow a big sloppy bj as they celebrated the album as Polow's coming out party. I meanwhile probably ruined the best beat of the album for everyone by making it my ringtone.

So he's a total duder. Right? Well check this shit out, and decide for yourself! That recent Usher hit "Love in This Club" is a sweet beat by my standards...

So what the fuck do I think about this? Some joker who looks like he's headed to a Kwiatkowski family reunion remakes the beat in 2 seconds? From premade Mac stuff??

I still think Polow's a duder, because I would've never thought to combine that shit on Garage Band. And that's the difference between me and a million dollar producer. Either way, this post is bound to incite some searing hot comments!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Better Know a Pokemon: Vol. 1

Getting started:

One of the greatest inventions related to PND is the transparently titled wine bag game. It's a game, and to play it, you need a wine bag. The rules are fairly simple, name a category, name an instance of that category, and throw the bag to somebody else. They follow suit and name an instance and throw it on, if not, drink. Easy, right?

You'd think so, but rarely does a category get play for more than 5-6 rounds. One such disappointing category was Pokemon. Now, here at PND we have no trouble with the category, but much to our dismay, it seems the general population is in fact *NOT* familiar with your average pocket monster. (We deal in the first 151, you can leave your Nosepass and Flygon at home.) This is the first installment in PND's public service series, Better Know a Pokemon.

This one's for Tommy:

For reasons unknown to the rest of the world, not only is Tommy a big fan of Pokemon (pictured below), but he's a serious fan of the Legendary Birds.

In both instances of the Mars wine bag game Pokemon category, Tommy managed to start the category, and name a legendary bird. In honor of our friend T-bone, what better way is there to start the series than with the coldest of cats, the legendary bird Articuno?

Better Know a Pokemon, #144/151, Articuno:

Articuno is a flying ice Pokemon with killer moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard. If you know what's good for you, and you're playing the Blue or Red gameboy versions, you can find this guy in the Seafoam Islands.
Pokedex info: A legendary bird Pokémon said to appear to doomed people who are lost in icy mountains.

Even Three Six Mafia thinks he's colder than ice. Ha.