Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's Get Critical

Since Nas' new album dropped (The "N" Word, Untitled, Doodiebin... anything you want to call it!) and Andy is once again splooging, I decided to check up on the album details and producers. Sure enough, the sick beat on Hero was produced by Polow Da Don.

Is the Hero beat prime material for a "My Aphrodite II"?

So I've actually been keeping an eye on this dude ever since Fergie's solo album. I'm not lying, I thought "London Bridge" was a great song, and not-so-secretly danced my ass off to it in Australian bars.

It rocks, and he also produced that hit "fabulous" where Fergie took a big ol' conceited dump on that beat. The next time I saw him surface was on Rich Boy's album, and Rich Boy sucks. But Polow made him look awesome, and Pichfork went on to give Polow a big sloppy bj as they celebrated the album as Polow's coming out party. I meanwhile probably ruined the best beat of the album for everyone by making it my ringtone.

So he's a total duder. Right? Well check this shit out, and decide for yourself! That recent Usher hit "Love in This Club" is a sweet beat by my standards...

So what the fuck do I think about this? Some joker who looks like he's headed to a Kwiatkowski family reunion remakes the beat in 2 seconds? From premade Mac stuff??

I still think Polow's a duder, because I would've never thought to combine that shit on Garage Band. And that's the difference between me and a million dollar producer. Either way, this post is bound to incite some searing hot comments!

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