Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Archie Party!

I think we can safely say that all Architecture majors are either jagoffs, corn ballers, or Jenna. Me and Tommy almost got into fisticuffs with some of these architecture majors at a party, believe it or not, because I'm a red faced Asian (I'm pretty sure of this). Ching chang chong.

At the party, I took this portrait of myself with a mystery camera, and just now I have been tagged on Facebook by one Hao Su. I thought the following dialog was funny.

The caption under the picture is:
"i dont know who this is."

Below that:
"Sam Kriegler wrote
at 3:25pm on February 10th, 2008
i do, JD Dan and I were about to kick his ass haha"

Just so we can get a sense of what kind of guy Sam Kriegler is, let's check out his profile.
About Me: I must admit i am a pretty cool guy, most people get along with me, and if you dont, well you suck. I play rugby, I am in SigmaPhiEpsilon - a fraternity :o and I am an architecture major."

Anyways, I immediately de-tagged myself from the photo so I don't get beat up by JD, Dan, Sam, and the rest of the Sigma Epsilon Mafia. Thanks Hao.

Lastly, I would like to say that posting a video of Kanye at the grammys shouldn't earn Tommy the grand title of "Designated Coolest Youtube Contributor". Partially due to the fact that the video advertises another blog in the middle (2:14), and also due to the fact that I could find a cooler YouTube video by searching for "babies first lemon".

Giddy Up


  1. Also, as a general rule they're poor shotgunners - for some to the point of self-injury.

  2. you keep thinking he's gonna stop eating the lemon...then he goes right back for more! haha! classic! crazy baby.