Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Playboys are Alright

Jenna recently graced our bathroom with some early 80's Playboys. I picked one up while dumping, and ruffled through it quickly trying to get a preview of some Boobage, but alas, I did not see one pair of Jubblies. This was unexpected, but I had some time to kill so I dove in.

Other than some hairy vag dusted throughout the issue, I found some fantastic ads from the 80's and some even better literature.

Exhibit A: Get a good look at this dudes face. I've never seen someone so happy to be riding an exerbike. We've come a long way from the Walkmen.

Exhibit B:
This is my favorite.

"He's a Dingo man down to his feet. And when he starts walkin', people start talkin'. Because he walks in the fast lane and he's all legs, There's a Dingo boot to fit the way you dress, the way you live, and also your mutant penis leg (Where does he tuck the balls???). So follow OJ's lead, and get in step with Dingo. "

OJ is the man, I didn't know about this but apparently Jimmy Kimmel did a parody of it already, which makes it about 1/6th as funny, or even not funny at all, I'll let you decide.

"Juiced with O.J. Simpson was a pay per view special featuring O.J. Simpson doing candid camera antics with unsuspecting citizens. When Simpson would reveal that the people were on camera, he would say that they have been "juiced". "

The moral of the story is, don't put an old playboy aside just because you think all you can get out of it is a hairy snatch here and a weird looking nipple there.

Dig a little deeper, and you might find some mildly funny advertisements, a funny word game like this:

or an interview with Chevy Chase. Apparently that guy can eat a whole sandwich in one bite.


  1. dude I knew you made up the penis thing. nice try. what is the third leg for?

  2. dude, that's not a third leg...

  3. I totally got the joke! "put the penis in 'The Big V'"

  4. I think it's penis in V.

    Penis Envy. Right?

  5. you got it tommy. Bird, you're a loser.