Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars!

It's Oscar night!

Be prepared for sappy speeches, Jon Stewart being funny occasionally, and cross your fingers for a complete shutout of Juno.

More to come once the envelopes are opened!

Update 1: Juno loses Best Actress: we've jumped one hurdle. Onwards, Oscars!

Update 2: There Will Be Blood takes best cinematography. The Oscars aren't managing to disappoint yet, still no wins for Juno, let's keep this train rolling!

Update 3: THE TRAIN HAS LEFT THE TRACKS. Derailed. Crashed. Somehow Diablo Cody persuaded the Academy to give Juno Best Original Screenplay. My guess? A few lap dances... at the least.

Update 4: A glimmer of hope! As told to me over gchat before my HD programming was able to deliver: Daniel Day Lewis wins Best Actor! DDAY BABY! Yeah!

Update 5 (final word): Well, There Will Be Blood doesn't take the cake, but No Country For Old Men isn't a bad gig. But really, we all know TWBB was the best, what the hell does the Academy know? They actually thought Juno was worth my hour and a half, buncha jokers.

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  1. ok I think we can count this as a victory because ellen page didn't win best actress... and I liked no country for old men. The next challenge is having to cover my eyes everytime ellen shows up in smart people, and shotgunning everytime CMU is mentioned.