Thursday, April 24, 2008

Metro East All-Region Hype!: Willem Dafoe

Ahhh yeah! It's hype time! And you motherfuckers who play club or go to nationals think you know anything?? Wrong! This ramrodder has all your "knowledge" in his left index finger than you. And guess what! He's rightie! So that shit isn't even needed to throw his sandblasting flick hucks! Oh, bad form you say? Couldn't get away with that playing teams from other schools with a 40,000+ student body? Well, I'm not even gonna answer that, cause let's face it, I can change topics in my hype posts faster than you can put together arguments.

Did you see his dump cut?? DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!? That's pop-out action my friend, and now he's in his power position and you guys are screwed. Yup, better throw in the towel if this is a downwinder, cause there's a 40% chance that's a goal. Upwind? Like how often do you have to go UPWIND at regionals?? Obviiii, you've never been.

And did we mention?? He's Willem God Damn Dafoe! He's the man! Who on your team was in Boondock Saints? Let's get real people. Also, whatever you think you know about ultimate parties, this guy knows more. We pregame like you party! And then, most importantly, we travel back in time and get 9 hours of sleep so we are well rested when get ready to crush some D3 losers. It's on. Better cast your vote now, cause you're gonna be looking like an idiot when this guy is stepping down the ME All-Consummate-Region Red Carpet.


  1. Everyone in the Metro East knows who you're talking about after even the slightest glance at that picture.

    Except Bird.



  3. My vote goes to that dude aka "Evil" aka "Jake Gyllenhaall" of Bucknell.

    You can pick him out:



    JG likes to party baby