Thursday, February 26, 2009


Does a protein drink (muscle milk), tater tots (ranch + ketchup), and carrots count as dinner?


  1. Still a little hungry. Gonna follow it up with some popcorn... But I ran out of snack size packs. Can I handle a full? I guess it will still be good in the AM.

  2. yeah stale popcorn is good for several things: throwing in Icees, throwing in flipcup beers, eating while watching cartoons...

    i assume this all has worked out well for you.

  3. dude, muscle milk on its own is basically a meal. especially if it's not one of the lean muscle formulas. i think the weak link in this dinner is the carrots. the muscle milk has plenty of b-vitamins on its own. should have gone with a leafy green of some kind. raw broccoli in ranch? now you're talking.